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In 2011, we acquired roll perforating equipment from Ed Schmidt, who had been re-cutting music rolls for
antique organettes since 1979. After updating the machinery and the program to operated it, we have continued
providing music for these wonderful old devices, as well as re-cutting and arranging new music for 20 note
street organs and larger player reed organs such as the 46 note Aeolian and the Orchestrelle.

Our perforator works on a single punch system drivenby a compressed air cylinder. Both the cylinders
and punchesare interchangeable. Not the fastest way of making rolls, but it is much easier to go from one
format to another, which for our purposes is much more desirable. The mechanism works very much like a
computer printer. The punch moves side to side on a worm drive operated by a stepper motor. The paper
is pulled through by pinch rollers. On the same shaft there are circular trimmers. This makes for accurate
alignment of the music on the roll. Depending on the thickness of the paper up to 4/5 copies can be made at a time

Minimum Orders

Some formats for which there is little demand, or the thickness of the stock limits the number of copies we can make at
one time, makes it hard to build up a stock of music. Despite the interchangeable punches, it does take considerable
time and effort to set up for each format. Therefore it is necessary to set a minimum order for certain types of rolls.
Please check the catalog listings for further information.

Aeolean 46 note rolls

After a great deal of effort, we have been able to soup up the Schmidt perforator and software to handle
more notes than it was originally designed for. Now for the first time in 100 years NEW ROLLS are available
for the Aeolian 1000 series of player organ. These were the very first devices to play a full chromatic range by
a paper roll. For now the catalog is rather small, but a couple of collectors have offered to loan rolls for recutting.
We are also Looking for Wilcox - White 44 note rolls to either buy or to copy. Rolls for copying will be promtly
returned after scanning. Loaners well get a choice of copy of the roll they
provided or selection from our catalog in any format.
Besides re-cuts, featured, are some new arrangemets, by my self and Martin Ellis, whom I owe a load of
thanks for moral support and providing some great new arrangemts.
New selections will be added at any time, plus we also plan to cut a few Wilcox-White 44note and 58 note Grand and
Orchestrelle rolls, so please check the site frequently.

20 note 110mm and 140mm Street Organ rolls

We are very pleased to offer some delightful arrangements by Hiddo van OS. His style is reminiscent of Carl Frei
featuring some American as well as familiar European tunes. Also featured are arrangements by Mikey Mills and Wallace Venable
This year we will be offering a custom roll service. Select up to 4 tunes from any of the multitune rolls in catalog
and we will cut two copies for you. See catalog listing for details.

Meet Jesse Moore. In the old days an organ grinder with a monkey or some other trained animal was a common
site, which has all but vanished. Over the past 50 years,the organs have made a come back. There are several
Monkey Organ Rallies that take place in America and Europe of which I have attended. Many of the buskers
have a toy monkey or two perched on top of or beside their instruments. There is one guy who has a fancy box
upon which is written, "Our Performing Monkey." You open the lid only to find a mirror at the bottom.
Here is a fellow who has a troupe of REAL trained monkeys! Sunshine Monkeyshines provides an entertaining
and educational experience for the entire family. Check them out!


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