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Unless stated otherwise, The price of Rolls includes the spool and box. However,
rolls can be sold unspooled and/or minus the box. Please inquire for pricing.
Test rolls are not spooled or boxed

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Note: The harmonette and Concordette actually have 16 playing notes. One hole in the middle exhausts at the
end of a song so all the notes don't play at once when the strip is ejected.




Player Accordions

Player Reed Organs

  • Aeolian 46 note (9.625" wide roll)
  • Wilcox White 44 note (9.5" wide roll)
  • Aeolian Grand - Orchestrelle (9.625" wide roll)

Street Organs

20 Note

14 Note

31+ Note

Piano Rolls


30 note Music Box Movement

Roll Supplies

Spools and test rolls are listed in the pages pertaining to each roll format.
Leader paper is available in 2' lenghts for many of the formats. Enquire for pricing.

End Flanges
1 3/4" O.D. X 1/4" thick. Fits most style American made organette spools
1/2" center hole - $1.00 each
3/8" center hole - $1.50 each

2 1/4" O.D. X 3/8" thick.
1/2" center hole - $2.00 each
3/8" center hole - $2.50 each

Ordering Information

Orders may be placed via e-mail - orders@popmusicrolls.com
Postal Service, or phone

NOTICE! Our ISP is having trouble sending/responding to certain servers (gmail, sbglobal, and outlook, that we know of).
If you send us an order or correspondence and do not receive a prompt reply, please resend to this alternative address:

Please include shipping address and phone number on initial inquiries and orders. It speeds up the process plus
there rare instances when a responding email will get bounced back as undeliverable.
Minimum Shipping Charge for most roll orders (Media) - $4.00 plus .50 for each additional roll. Due to their extra size and weight,
Tournaphone rolls require $5.00 plus $1.00 for each additional.
Orders over $100.00 will require insurance. For spools, boxes and foreign orders, please wait to receive invoice before
making payment. PDF invoice with shipping included will be sent by email or PayPal Request. Orders outside the continental U.S.
must provide phone number. All orders must be prepaid.

check or money order should be payable to: Pipes of Pan Music Rolls.

Payment also accepted through PayPal to the account of: orders@popmusicrolls.com

Tennessee residents should include 7.9% sales tax.

Regretfully, we are not as yet accepting creditcards

Due to the nature of the business, we do not keep a large inventory. We build up our stock by cutting
multiple copies when a roll is ordered. Please allow at least two weeks to fill orders for rolls not in stock.
Customer will be notified when back orders are shipped out.

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