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Standard 88 Note Piano Rolls

These rolls are produced on a limited basis, so the listing will be subject to change.
Be sure to check periodically to see what is available. Have a roll you would like to have copied,
request or suggestion? Please email us for more details. Unless requested otherwise all rolls are
spooled and boxed.


X4136 - $16.00
My Coal Black Lady

Transcribed from a 58 note Wilcox & White Organ roll. The refrain is a slow ragtime ballad then turns
to a lively march for the chorus, rich counter melody though and though.

X - $17.50 Campin' On De Ole Suwanee
Transcribed from a 58 note Wilcox & White Organ roll. Very early ragtime piece

Fox Trots

QRS - The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish
Warren - Dubin - Johnny Mercer
Played by J. Lawrence Cook
One of my favorites. I was heartbroken when my original copy of this turned to scrap as I was playing it.
Many thanks to Jim Blanko for providing a fresh scan.